Purpose of holding

World Hydrogen Technologies Convention (WHTC) 2019 to be held in Tokyo in June 2019 will be organized by Hydrogen Energy Systems Society of Japan (HESS). WHTC together with World Hydrogen Energy Conference (WHEC) is the exhibition seminar conference series held in alternative years are organized jointly by the Hydrogen Association of respective host country and International Association of Hydrogen Energy (IAHE). WHTC is one of the most prestigious conference focusing on hydrogen energy technologies. While the world is trying to advance towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), hydrogen energy society is being realized to be one of its powerful ways. This international conference will bring scientists, researchers, students, industrialists, bureaucrats to be gathered at one place and exchange their ideas towards sustainability. At this conference, the information exchange on the hydrogen related technologies and policies will be held, and it is expected to be a place to deepen international cooperation while discussing the future way of a low carbon society. It is positioned as a showcase of hydrogen energy related technologies in the world. WHTC 2019 will forecast the vision of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games to be held in July 2020 for the implementation of a hydrogen energy society as an important science and technology innovation to be disseminated to the world.

WHTC2019 Committees

Local Organizing Committee Member:

General Chairperson : Hideo Kameyama
Secretary General : Hideyuki Takagi
President of HESS : Nobuyuki Nishimiya
Vice-Chairs : Hirohisa Uchida, Nobuhiro Kuriyama, Yoshitsugu Kojima, Ko Sakata, Shigenori Mitsushima
Assistant secretaries : Hirotoshi Enoki, Takeshi Touyama
Committee Members : Board members and Councilors of Hydrogen Energy Systems Society of Japan (HESS)