WHTC 2019 -World Hydrogen Technologies Conventon- | Date. 2019.6.2.sun-6.7.fri / Locale. Tokyo International Forum / Sponsorship. Hydrogen Energy Systems of Japan.

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Welcome MessageHydrogen Energy Systems Society of Japan (HESS) is pleased to invite you that the 8th World Hydrogen Technology Conference (WHTC 2019) to be held at Tokyo, Japan in June 2019. WHTC 2019 will be held alongside FC EXPO in Tokyo, at the same venue and time.
We will offer you the latest research findings and information on technology and systems for realizing a hydrogen society in Japan, which leads the hydrogen world as a pioneer of hydrogen energy technology, through lectures, exhibitions and technical tours.
WHTC 2019 aims to provide a forum for the scientific, industrial, governmental and general audiences from all over the world to gather together and present their most recent research findings, and to offer a stimulating atmosphere to discuss and exchange ideas on frontier research topics and future possibilities in hydrogen energy technology through oral / poster presentations and technology exhibitions. The conference will be an exciting showcase of development of hydrogen energy technology in Japan and the world.
We are looking forward to meeting you in Tokyo in June 2019!