Abstract Submission

Submission of abstract for the Convention will be accepted electronically through web site.
Please read carefully the specifications below before submitting your abstract.

Short/Extended Abstract Submission

Paper Deadlines

Short Abstract Deadline Nov 23, 2018 Jan 18, 2019 (JST)
Abstract Acceptance
The end of January Jan 31, 2019 (JST)
Extended Abstract Deadline The end of March, 2019 (JST)

Presentation Style

  • Oral Presentation
  • Poster Presentation

The paper submitted for the oral presentation may be included in the poster session, or vice versa, if the content of the paper is judged to be more suitable for the alternate presentation style. The final decision of the presentation style is left to the Program Committee.

Abstract Submission Procedure

To submit an abstract, authors must first create an account.
Click the "Abstract Submission" button at the top of this page and create an account beforehand. Then, and only then, proceed to submit your abstract through "My LaCool User".

  • The paper should be submitted through the Top author's account.
  • Please note that the access for the submission page may be concentrated just before the deadline.
    Therefore it is strongly recommended that the submission is completed in advance.

Following information is also required during the submission:

  • Preferred style of presentation (Oral or Poster)
  • Applicable category ( 1 to 6 in "Abstract Categories") and free words.
  • Title should be written in Title Case.
    e.g.) Production and Utilization Technology of Hydrogen Carrie
  • Full name, affiliation, phone / fax / e-mail, and complete mailing address of the Top author
  • Full name and affiliation of co-authors

The submitted abstract will be able to modify through the personal account until the deadline of Jan 18, 2019(JST).

Regulation of Submission Data

  • Abstract exclusive of title is not to exceed 200 words
  • No figures should be included
  • To enter Greek alphabet, please type HTML code.
    e.g.) To enter "α", please type "alpha" between "&" and ";" (semicolon).

Abstract Categories

Please select one of the following category.:

1. Policies and strategies for hydrogen energy society

  • National strategy and international cooperation
  • Strategies and Projects of Local Governments and Regions
  • Environmental Impact of Hydrogen Energy System
  • Scenarios, Economics, and Finance
  • Market-In Strategy of Hydrogen Energy Systems

2. Hydrogen production

  • Water Electrolysis (Alkaline, PEM, SOEC)
  • Photochemical Process
  • Biological Process
  • Reforming and Decomposition Process
  • Thermochemical Process

3. Energy Network using Hydrogen and Energy Carriers

  • Production and Handling of Compressed Hydrogen and Liquid Hydrogen
  • Conversion of Energy Carriers
  • Transportation and Storage of Hydrogen and Energy Carriers
  • Hydrogen Refueling Station
  • Power To Gas
  • Hydrogen Utilization in Community

4. Use of hydrogen for energy conversion

  • Fuel Cell Systems for Transportation and Vehicle
  • Fuel Cell Systems for Power Generation
  • Internal Combustion Engines for Hydrogen (Diesel, Gas Turbine etc.)
  • Direct Utilization of Energy Carriers
  • Other Technologies

5. Advanced Industrial Use and New Application of Hydrogen

  • Industrial Applications (Steel Production Rear-Earth Magnet Production etc.)
  • Medical Application
  • Agriculture and others

6. Safety, Codes and Standards for Hydrogen Energy Systems

  • International Standards
  • International and Local Regulations
  • Safety of Hydrogen Energy Systems, Hydrogen and Energy Carriers
  • Hydrogen Compatible Materials

Notification of Abstract submission

Once the abstract is submitted, notification of abstract submission will automatically be sent to your registered e-mail address.
If you do not receive the automated e-mail, please contact to Secretariat of WHTC2019 ( until the abstract deadline.

Notification of Acceptance

All abstracts submitted will be reviewed, and then the top author will be notified of the paper's acceptance or rejection by the End of January 2019 (JST).
The notification of acceptance will be sent to your registered e-mail.
The final decision of the acceptance is left to the Program Committee.

Conference Registration

If the abstract is accepted, the person expected to make the presentation should register as soon as possible after receiving the notification of acceptance to secure the presentation on the final conference program.
We also ask all the account holders to register as participants in order to secure the presentation.

Short/Extended Abstract Submission

Extended Abstract Submission

Final manuscripts of Extended Abstract will be collected
For more detail on Extended Abstract submission will be notified later.
Extended Abstracts will be uploaded to the website and the convention attendees will be able to download online.

For inquiries about abstract submission:

Abstract Submission Desk of WHTC2019
c/o Japan Convention Services Inc.

Please note that the conference proceedings are not planned to publish.
The organization committee encourage all oral/poster presenters to submit a paper to International Journal of Hydrogen Energy