Call for Paper

Online abstract submission will open in June 2018

Conference Topics (planned)

1. Policies and strategies for hydrogen energy society

  • National strategy and international cooperation
  • Strategies and Projects of Local Governments and Regions
  • Environmental Impact of Hydrogen Energy System
  • Scenarios, Economics, and Finance
  • Market-In Strategy of Hydrogen Energy Systems

2. Hydrogen production

  • Water Electrolysis (Alkaline, PEM, SOEC) 
  • Photochemical Process
  • Biological Process
  • Reforming and Decomposition Process
  • Thermochemical Process

3. Energy Network using Hydrogen and Energy Carriers

  • Production and Handling of Compressed Hydrogen and Liquid Hydrogen
  • Conversion of Energy Carriers
  • Transportation and Storage of Hydrogen and Energy Carriers
  • Hydrogen Refueling Station
  • Power To Gas
  • Hydrogen Utilization in Community

4. Use of hydrogen for energy conversion

  • Fuel Cell Systems for Transportation and Vehicle
  • Fuel Cell Systems for Power Generation
  • Internal Combustion Engines for Hydrogen (Diesel, Gas Turbine etc.)
  • Direct Utilization of Energy Carriers
  • Other Technologies

5. Advanced Industrial Use and New Application of Hydrogen

  • Industrial Applications (Steel Production Rear-Earth Magnet Production etc.)
  • Medical Application
  • Agriculture and others

6. Safety, Codes and Standards for Hydrogen Energy Systems

  • International Standards
  • International and Local Regulations
  • Safety of Hydrogen Energy Systems, Hydrogen and Energy Carriers
  • Hydrogen Compatible Materials